A killer paint job can make a good car look outstanding, and a bad one can wreck an otherwise killer car. Any decent painter will tell you that most paint woes actually come from the substrate, which is the stuff under the glossy top coat.

An all-too-common issue is contamination of the metal underneath, and often that comes down to not being cleaned properly. This is particularly important for us here at United Speed Shop because, as you can see in our galleries, our shop is stuffed full of project cars sitting around in bare metal.

So how do you clean surface rust off and ensure there are no oils or chemical contaminants on the metal? You use a product that attacks the oxidisation process and the boys at Oxytech make just such a thing.

Called Anti-Ox it is a liquid you wipe on and then, with a clean cloth, wipe off again. Acting like a super-aggressive rust convertor it attacks oxidisation and build-up of oils and grease on the skin of the metal surface.

After using Anti-Ox you need to handle that section with clean gloves because there is no protection from greasy or oil – even the oils found in your skin will cause an adverse reaction to paint so keep a sharp eye on how you handle your metal!

If you’ve got a project sitting around in the bare, pop in to USS and grab a tin of Anti-Ox as you can’t be too careful with panel prep. It’s available in 1L, 5L and 20L bulk sizes.

Do you really want to risk thousands of dollar’s worth of paint job on five minutes worth of cleaning?