Among the many awesome aftermarket wheels on offer from America, we’ve grabbed a set of these killer rollers from Schott for Les’ F1 pick-up. Schott may not be a household name in Australia just yet but we’re hoping to change that once people see how cool the F1 looks on these big billet hoops.

We chose a set of two-piece “Accelerator” wheels, in a cast and polished finish and with Schott’s patented Cover-Loc hub design. All Schott wheels are machined from billets of aircraft-grade forged 6061-T6 aluminium for a super-high-quality finish, excellent strength and low weight (which helps reduce unsprung mass).

While Les’ truck will run knock-off centre caps there are also pentagonal caps available, while the Accelerator can be ordered in sizes ranging from 17x7-inch up to 22x12-inch.

If you’re hunting a set of sweet high-quality rollers for your project, give Schott a look at, or come down to our shop.