Custom Design Services

At United Speed Shop we don't just build custom cars, we also offer design and fabrication services to make one-off or limited-run high-quality precision-made parts you may require. Thanks to modern computer design, if you can dream up a part you need then we can help bring it to life through the magic of CNC machining, laser- and water-cutting, and 3D-printing.
Don't hesitate to contact us here for further information, and check out some examples of custom parts we have produced in the past.



With a background in graphic design, USS Bossman Ryan took to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) like a duck to water. Drawing three-dimensional images in specialist engineering software allows for precision fitment, and for the designed part to be exported directly to the machine responsible for cutting it out, or building it. The CAD element can also put moving parts through their range of motion to test the design, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive prototypes. 


United Speed Shop has a full SolidWorks 3D computer modelling licence that allows us to design and create everything from simple brackets to complete, integrated and engineer-approved front suspension units.
SolidWorks allows the designer to draw a component or system and then put it through a range of exercises (like suspension compression and rebound, or turning circle) to show the design works long before any test pieces need to be produced.

This modern rapid prototyping can be used to build fabrication jigs, physically test the design of components, or to make dies to use in production. Typically USS uses plastic media for 3D printing, and the jobs take several hours to complete once the design is finalised.


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is basically 3D printing a part that was designed on a computer, but with metal instead of plastic. USS uses an external specialist for CNC-machining certain parts which need to be of a specific strength or complexity (ie: brake caliper brackets, and wheel hubs). This machining occurs locally and in state-of-the-art milling machines.  


Laser and water-cutting are procedures where a media (laser or water) is fired at sheet steel to cut it out with far better precision than with hand-held tools. This is handled for United Speed Shop by an outside contractor, though through the use of CAD Ryan can simply export the design file to that contractor, and they can then supply the cut pieces to USS. />


USS offers on-site powder-coating services using Oxytech Powder Coating's awesome range of colours, textures and finishes, and our dedicated powder-coating oven can hold parts up to the size of a diff housing.

Hard-wearing with an excellent range of textures and finishes, powder-coating is the perfect finish for many automotive uses, including suspension arms, diff housings, and even inner fenders and brackets.