About United:

Newcastle is one of Australia's hot rodding hubs, so it should be no shock that Ryan Carter chose the famed beach-side harbour city as the base of operations when he launched United Speed Shop in 2015.

Ryan, a second-generation hot rodder, has grown up around modified cars and his passion for killer no-nonsense street cars comes through in the cars he builds, which are well-engineered, have great manners and are practical to live with, but still look bitchin' and go like hell.

As well as having built several vehicles that have each earned coverage in Street Machine Magazine, Ryan's background in graphic design means he is a dab hand at designing custom parts on the computer. 

Ryan and his United Speed Shop team pride themselves on their ability to create bespoke componentry to fulfil their customers' needs, centred around their core values of excellent customer service, outstanding quality and a flair for great design.

It doesn't matter if you need a widget to hang a doohicky on your hot rod, or a complete four-link rear-end for your tough tubbed muscle car, USS has the facilities to design, engineer and produce a perfect fit for you.

If you don't need custom componentry, United Speed Shop can also source the best parts from around the world to complete customer projects, plus they can do concept design and renderings, and project build management. 


Unit 2/40 Aruma Place Cardiff


ABN: 66 564 114 518