The old saying goes “rust never sleeps”, but you can put it in a coma thanks to this awesome all-Australian-developed product.

We’ve all gotten halfway through a job and had to make the call: leave it raw and deal with surface rust, or hit it with epoxy primer which will then have to be cleaned off later on before getting back into the job proper. Well, if you have a raw steel or alloy surface you need to protect from the dreaded oxide coating then EasyPhos is the product for you.

Oxytech is a company from Sydney which specialises in supplying abrasive blasting media but has added Easyphos spray to their line of Panel Prep products. Available in a handy rattle can spray it is a waterless phosphate coating that seals the metal for up to six months (in a protected environment) and even promotes paint adhesion.

Simply clean the metal, spray the EasyPhos on and enjoy weeks of being able to weld to that metal without having to laboriously clean it before every time you want to run a bead.

Once you’re done throwing sparks and melting tin you can epoxy prime straight over the top of the EasyPhos, again saving bulk time cleaning the metal back. United Speed Shop stocks 300g cans of EasyPhos in their showroom, while Oxytech’s powder-coating products feature on many USS products.