We all know that old cars rule. They have a rawness that new cars miss out on thanks to manufacturers constantly chasing every last skerrick of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH). Unfortunately this can make old cars a chore to drive long distances, especially in adverse weather conditions.

While nobody wants their cool car to be sterile like a new Camry you can make your old girl far nicer to drive long distances by using modern NVH insulation. Isolating the floor from road noise, heat and vibration happening underneath will leave you fresher at your destination and not so road-weary.

Brendan Carroll is the man behind CarBuilders.com.au which is the brand United Speed Shop chooses to stock. His Noise Block Sound Deadener goes on like an OEM product as the modern foil-backed Butyl Mat replaces old school tar-based insulation and uses an anti-drum noise-absorption layer to cut vibrations, with the aluminium top skin blocking heat.

Being self-adhesive it is easily formed to suit floorpans or complex shapes and has been developed to withstand aging and a wide range of temperature conditions. There is even optional foil tape to go over exposed holes and seams, and a finishing matting that is applied using a roller to get an excellent finish.

Noise Block can also be used on the inside of doors and other cavities as well as in the luggage compartment, fully sealing the car from harmonics and NVH.

CarBuilders also make a second stage kit for further noise and thermal absorption. If you’d like more information on their full product line drop in to check it out in our showroom, or visit http://carbuilders.com.au/