Magnum IFS F.A.Q.

These are responses to our most frequently asked questions about the Magnum IFS range. For model specific data, please see the PDF tech data sheets available for download from the relevant page for the particular model you're interested in.


Do you have a power steering option?:

Yes, all USS steering racks are built exclusively for us by Erebus Motorsport. Power steering option is an additional $1,950. 

Do you have stainless steel or chromoly control arms available?:

No. All our control arms are fabricated from Cold Drawn Seamless steel tube and powdercoated.

Do I have to cut the inner guards in my early Holden?:

All Magnum GT/GS units for early Holdens (FX through to HG) require cutting a window in your inner guard to allow clearance for the upper control arm. We also make the GX unit for FE through to HG which does not require inner guard modification.

See a comparison of the two models here

Why do GT/GS units require inner guard modification?:

Because early Holdens are essentially quite small cars. Most people these days want to fit a reasonable size wheel and tyre package under the front for handling and aesthetics, they also want to have the car slammed and retain proper steering lock. All these things require a narrower wheel mounting face than standard to get the wheels in under the guards in to their happy place. How can we achieve this? Two ways, either build very short control arms which results in poor suspension geometry, or as in the case of the Magnum IFS, move the control arms mounts inboard - hence requiring a clearance window to be cut in the inner guard.

What is the turning circle?:

Turning circle depends largely on the vehicles wheelbase so varies between different models. For steering rack ratios and turns lock-to-lock please see model specific data sheets.

What is the build / delivery time?:

All our IFS units are made to order and we are usually able to deliver in around 12 weeks from the receipt of order and full payment.