Magnum GT/GS vs GX: What's the difference?

When we first designed the Magnum IFS we designed it suit the style of cars we like to build; super slammed with modern rolling stock in aggressive diameters and widths. To accommodate this and retain excellent suspension characteristics we had to bring the upper control arm inboard, hence the need to trim a clearance window in the inner guard of the car. While this doesn't bother a lot of people and they have been selling like hotcakes, we have also had many requests for a front end with all the build quality and engineering of the Magnum GT/GS but for a more mild style build.

So which one should you choose? This depends on the style of the car you're building. If you're after that ultra slammed stance and the ability to run big wheel and tyre package, then you'll want to run the original MagnumIFS either GT (coilover) or GS (airbagged). If you want a more stock appearing engine bay and/or you don't need the stance provided by the GT/GS then go for the new GX version. Make no mistake, the ride height on these are still lower than standard – they are more on a par with what is available from other manufacturers dimensionally but still retain all the features that have made our original MagnumIFS so popular.

The MagnumGX is currently available to suit FE-HR Holden and HK-HG Holden. It is only available in coilover versions (no airbags), and due to the fact that it no longer features the unique chassis rail 'sandwich' mount style of the GT/GS, it uses a more traditional style outrigger mount. Pricing exactly the same as the original MagnumIFS.