Cars are no fun if they are a chore to drive - that is why Ryan and the guys put their heart and soul into upgrading key areas of cars without taking away their classic nature.

One easy way to make your old school car nicer to use is to install modern accoustic and thermal insulators.

Aussie-made Car Builders has several options, from foil-backed tar sheets to spray-on options.Ryan and the USS crew have used Car Builders in almost every vehicle to come through the shop, from hot rods and pick-ups to wagons and coupes. 

The optional knife and roller are both mandatory purchases when applying foil-backed tar-based sound proofing. You need to ensure there are no air pocket or lifted edges once the job is done.

Ryan and the boys normally prepare the floor for the sound proofing by painting it in KBS Coatings' Rust Seal - part of a 3-step rust-killing process and a wet paint that dries rock-hard. 

The matts are laid out, rolled with the special roller, and then the gaps are joined by a special foil tape.

The finished job looks so good it will be a shame to cover it with carpet! Car Builders now also sells special Lizard Skin spray-on sound proofing (and also a ceramic sealer) which can be applied over the top of a sanded and primed floor, while the ceramic coat goes on top of the sound layer.

Check out for more information on their full range.