Accuair set tongues wagging at SEMA 2016 by unveiling their revolutionary ENDO air suspension technology, which will see compressors and valves moved inside the air tanks for super-tidy installations. 

The top-line model with compressors and valves inside the tank (the ENDO-CVT, or Compressor Valve Tank) won't be released until 2018, however customers can order the ENDO-VT (Valve Tank) now which still has the industry-leading Accuair VU4 valve block positioned inside the tank. There is also the option to order an ENDO-T which is the tank-only.

I was at SEMA 2016 and had to have one for my 1964 Pontiac Bonneville coupe as its air system was very old and I was already sending the car to Ryan and the guys to work on.

I placed and order and received mine in February from one of the Australian resellers and, as I was upgrading my front/back air suspension to a more modern front/back/side/side system that I could get engineered I also purchased new Viair 480C compressors and Accuair E-level computer height management for a completely legal, modern air system.

All fittings are already machined into the end of the tank, with the valve block wired to accept the Accuair E-level wiring loom straight into the end. That cap can be removed to service the parts inside, including the valves. 

The tank itself is CNC-machined with no welding, meaning it is far stronger than many cheaper options on the market. There is a built-in 400psi blow-off valve, it can be mounted on a quick-release system for easy maintenance, plus it can be mounted on top or bottom for more creative installations.

Push-To-Connect (PTC) fittings are used and Accuair have specified that stainless lines are NOT to be used on ENDO tanks as they cannot guarantee the fittings will bite into the hard stainless enough to hold it securely. Instead, they recommend using brass, copper, plastic or rubber - basically more malleable materials. 

While some will ask why I didn't just wait for the ENDO-CVT, the good news is you will be able to retrofit the ENDO-VT and ENDO-T tanks with valves and/or compressors once they are available. 

The ENDO tanks are available in 3 gallon and 5 gallon sizes, and in a range of finishes - black, bronze and silver. 

To be fair, the tank is much to nice for my old hooptie in its current condition but we'll hopefully solve all that soon enough!

I wanted to be able to have an engineer sign off on my cruiser so I also purchased an Accuair E-level system, which uses the height sensors (seen below) on each corner of the car to keep it all level. It also lets me program 3 heights which I can select from the controller (seen below). 

This controller allows Iain to choose three basic heights, or fine-tune the car's stance. It will be hooked up to a cut-out on the handbrake light so it cannot be changed while driving (so no dope hittin' of da switches for da beetches like Snoop Dogg).

Ryan and the boys mounted the tank in the back under my parcel shelf, with the twin Viair 480C compressors enough to fill the big tank in minutes. Without having to run lines from the tank to the valve block it has cut down on complexity, the space required for air installs and even the cost of (expensive) fittings. 

**WATCH** the boys got the system hooked up and it is just butter-smooth. Check it out in this video (don't mind Eric on the orbital sander)