While we haven’t received final paperwork for rego duties, the engineering signatory came and checked out Les’ F1 the other day and, short of it passing its brake test, we’re good to go and get it registered, and then Les can enjoy his new truck!

The black beauty brakes, steers and goes like a brand new car… which it pretty much is! The 302 V8 fires up sweetly and runs like a top, with just a hint of lope at idle and rumble through the pipes. She’s got a good note without being ear-bleeding, which is vital for our builds as we want all our owners to get out and enjoy their cars after we give them back.

We got the Schott Accelerator 19x8 (front) and 20x10 (rear) wheels back from Scotty at Oxytech last Sunday, with the custom finish looking amazing. Many, many hours of hard work went into getting these wheels dialled and you can tell that as soon as you look at the custom-coated centres and gloss black lips.

The interior is all in, with the fully sound-proofed and heat-shielded cab a much nicer place to be than it was back in ’52. There are custom trimmed door panels hiding the single-piece glass and new latching mechanisms we installed, along with a full stereo for some tunes while rolling the streets. The dash also has one extra gauge next to the rebuilt stockers, showing gear position (a requirement for engineering), but apart from that we’ve tried to keep the feel very ‘50s and low key.

There is still a bunch of little details to tidy up, as well as mounting the tub on the back and getting that fitted up, along with a few touches of paint correction on the jet-black cab.