It’s been fairly quiet with Les’ ’52 F1 pick-up but that’s about to change. Over the coming fortnight the F1 is going to be put through final reassembly ahead of its maiden voyage on Aussie roads after almost a year off them.

The engineer is cool with everything done to the truck so we’re right to refit the one-piece glass and then reassemble the doors, ahead of getting the cabin back together with its freshly trimmed bench seat, custom shifter surround, steering column and wheel.

The drivetrain is all buttoned up and the truck has fresh wiring from front to back, not to mention swish Baer brakes and a United Speed Shop 4-link. By this time next week we’ll have the custom powdercoated wheels back from Scotty at Oxytech wearing their custom two-tone finish and the F1 will be back on Terra Firma.

Keep an eye on our website as we’ll keep the blog cranking with fresh pics, and fresh projects once Les takes the black beauty home!