Working on cars hammers our hands. Dirt, grease, worn finger tips, chemical burns; none of it is good for you and we really should take all the precautions we can. Mechanics gloves are great, but they often end up packed with dirt and are no good when handling clean parts or surfaces (especially ones you need to prime or paint), and your bare hands have so many oils they're no better. 

Regular disposable gloves just don't cut the mustard when it comes to mechanical use so the clever chaps and chapettes at KBS Coatings have come up with these awesome TGC Workwear Black Nitrile gloves. They're tough so you can handle bolts, nuts, wiring clips and more. You can pull them off and reuse them later, unlike cheap latex ones, and they'll handle being submerged in most fluids. 

 You can get a box of 100 for just $26 so pop in to USS Monday to Saturday (9am-2pm) and grab a pack, or order through this website!