Master of metal and all things bodywork, Eric has been a fixture at United Speed Shop since the very beginning, part-time to start with but pulling a full week alongside Ryan since May. A qualified panel beater his specialty is ensuring all the lines on the various builds at United are straight, rust-free and ready for paint, but he is also a dab hand at welding, fitment, alignment and reassembly.

So far he's worked his magic on a bunch of cars through the shop, including Les' F-truck, Rick's Essex hot rod and Mark's EK Holden including finishing off the custom rear-end set-up under the '60 model Holden that will swallow a custom fuel tank made by Shaun's Custom Alloy ( We'll show you more on some of these projects in future updates, but rest assured they're things of beauty!

When he’s not hammering tinwork, wielding a grinder or firing up the MIG, the Newcastle local can be found enjoying traditional hot rods and customs, particularly 1950s and ‘60s show-style machines. Novocastrians would probably have seen his heavily modified 1940s Studebaker pick-up around the scene for a few years, running in red oxide primer at first and then with the slick white respray. The commercial rocked a huge set of fins, stacked headlights and a heap of other period-correct modifications to make it look like it rolled straight out of the AMBR or Detroit Autorama shows back when Elvis was still skinny.

Eric moved it on a little while ago and has replaced it with a '54 Chev sedan he's building into a mild custom streeter to enjoy with his wife.  If you guys want to see it on the blog, jump on our Facebook page and tell us!