Stopping the dreaded curse of rust and oxydisation is one of the biggest challenges when living with old cars. In years past we had to rely on fish oil and other temporary solutions but with the help of modern science there are surface coatings that will stop the rot in its tracks.

One all-Aussie company selling such products is KBS Coatings ( While they make a large range of surface-coating products like high-temp engine paint, paint stripper and more, they’re possibly best known for their three-stage Rust Eradication products and fuel tank sealant.

The good news is that United Speed Shop is now Newcastle’s only outlet for KBS products.

The three stage rust fighting process starts with Aqua Klean, a wash that goes on after the surface has been cleaned of the worst scale, rust, dirt and other contaminants. After the Aqua Klean is washed off the area is wet down with Rust Blast for up to an hour. It gets washed off and then the surface is sealed with Rust Seal paint, which can be brushed or sprayed on (after being thinned out).

We’ll show you the best way to apply the KBS Rust Eradication kit, including lots of tips and tricks we’ve come to know after using these products several times over the last few years on personal projects.

While we carry a range of chassis and fuel tank prep products in the store (which is now open Saturdays from 9am-2pm), the full range is available via our website.