So you’ve got a job you need to weld up or clean before painting, right? Washing it down with degreaser or wax and grease remover is good, but not enough to have full confidence there are no contaminants lurking in the top levels.

Any painter worth their salt knows most paint problems come from imperfections in the substrate, which is the stuff under the glossy top coat. And it starts with ensuring the surface of the metal is properly clean.

So how do you clean surface rust off and ensure there are no contaminants left on the metal? You use a product that attacks the oxidisation process and the boys at Oxytech make just such a thing.

Called Anti-Ox it is a liquid wiped over the area and then wiped off with a clean cloth, acting like a super-aggressive rust convertor to attacks oxidisation as well as built-up oils or grease. You can use Anti-Ox on bare steel, painted and sanded surfaces and over fresh primer before applying the top coat.

After using Anti-Ox you need to handle that section with clean gloves because there is no protection from grease or oil. If you aren’t going to work on that section straight away, it’s best to put a coating of surface sealer like Oxytech’s Easy Phos over the area. Easy Phos can protect bare metal areas for up to six months if it’s covered up out of the weather.

If Anti-Ox and Easy Phos sound like the ticket for your project, pop in to USS Monday to Saturday (9am-2pm) and grab a tin of Anti-Ox as you can’t be too careful with panel prep. It’s available in 1L, 5L and 20L bulk sizes, and can also be ordered via our website.