The first build we’ll be featuring on this site is this 1952 Ford F1 pick-up.

What started out as a pretty tidy old school shop truck is getting a new lease on life thanks to a bunch of modern engineering being worked under the classic cab. Don’t worry, though, it won’t lose any of that 1950s charm.

It didn’t take us long to get the pick-up down to its birthday suit to properly assess the work it needed to drive like a modern car. Starting at the front we’ve removed the old truck front-end and are fitting a whole new steering, suspension and braking set-up.

This includes changing to a modern steering rack, tubular control arms, new spindles, modern wheel bearings and large Baer disc brakes, all mounted to a new crossmember. It will make the F1 steer, stop and ride more like a late model performance car than a farm truck!

We will have similar set-ups available later in the year, for a range of vehicles, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook for updates as we release these.

Along with one of our cool new USS coilover front-ends the rear-end was cut out and a coilover-suspended four-link fitted, with added bracing for the towbar the owner wants to run.

Inside we’ve built new custom seat mounts for the Mazda bench seat that is currently off being reshaped and retrimmed. We will have plenty of little tricks built into the cabin to make it perfect for regular street use!

Power will come from a rebuilt small-block Ford, while the transmission and diff are also in line to be reconditioned before reassembly begins in early April. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on how the F1 is going.