Ryan and the lads have been working on this '56 Chevy Apache pick-up for Scotty as a cool cruiser. 

Scotty has decided to go with a mild 308cui Holden V8 up front, topped with a 6/71 blower and twin 4-barrel carbs, while fat 15s give a period look. USS will have the (unfinished) truck on display at Meguiar's MotorEX in Homebush, Sydney, July 22-23. 


56POPS will share a garage with an LSA-powered '76 Sandman panel van so it is going to need plenty of attitude. That's handled by dropping the (very rusty) cab onto an HQ Kingswood chassis, held off the ground by one of our HQ-WB front-ends, with a custom four-link and 9-inch Ford diff under the Fleetside rear tub we cut down for a custom look.

The chassis of the truck, fully powdercoated, sitting next to the small block Chev V8-powered EK Holden project.

Scotty and Ryan chat about their favourite Golden Girls character...