United Speed Shop is now able to offer powder coating thanks to our association with Oxytech Powder Coatings - the same legends who provide us with their awesome Anti-Ox metal treatment and Easy Phos metal sealant.

Powder coating is a way to electrostatically seal a dry paint product to raw metal, protecting it with far more durability than traditional wet paints. The powder is baked in an oven we have on-site, and Oxytech have a near-unbeatable range of colour and finishes - from smooth gloss, through custom bright pearls, and even textured satins, wrinkle finishes and more.

Below are some examples of work we've done already.

Gloss black HQ-WB control arm

Satin texture black on a custom fan shroud

These HQ-WB arms were done in Ron Burgundy Metallic for a sumptuous finish... can you smell that rich mahogany and leather-bound books?!

Stark white on this early EK Holden steel wheel

Gloss black on a custom air cleaner housing

Cootamundra Green on this coil spring - the oscillation won't crack the powder!