You might have seen pics of a '56 Chevy pick-up on our Facebook page, or at the shop if you've visited us in the last 12 months. It's owned by Scotty and Richard Barter and it will be their new shop truck for their business, Oxytech Powder Coatings

We were sharing our MotorEx stand with them as they're the legends who supply all the powder we use on our coating jobs, plus Anti-Ox and Easy Phos metal conditioners and sealants.

We'd figured it'd be a great opportunity to drag the Chev, known as POPS56, down to MotorEx to show off their Easy Phos sealant on the bare metal body, as well as our HQ Holden front arms, as it uses an HQ commercial chassis.

The only problem was the '56 Chevy pick-up was a bare chassis sitting on the shop floor, with the cab and tub still sitting in a corner requiring sanding back to bare metal.   

On Wednesday morning Scotty brought the powder-coated parts up to Newcastle, so he and Ryan could get the chassis rolling. This included building the diff, assembling the front-end, fitting the rear suspension, and air struts at all four corners. Oh, and throwing the engine and transmission in, too!


Once the chassis was rolling Scotty got onto sanding the body back to fresh bare steel, before coating it in Easy Phos sealant.

At 9pm on Thursday night we had the chassis rolling, ready to accept the cab and tub. 

This is not how we wanted the workshop to look at 9pm, considering we had to leave at 4am the next day to make it to Sydney for the bump-in!

At 1am we had the truck mostly assembled and ready to load.

We made it down to Sydney for our 9am bump-in time slot, travelling in convoy with Scotty.

We used a custom-printed vinyl sticker to mask the door, then misted charcoal paint over the top for this awesome Easy Phos logo

Ryan bead-rolled this custom sign out of flat sheet, then left it to rust up before Scotty hit it with 80-grit on a whizzer for a wicked finish.

Our shop truck and POPS56 created quite a stir in the Performance Garage trade hall.

A new addition was this 6/71 supercharger and twin 4-barrel carbies under a vintage bird-catcher intake - all powder coated in Oxytech products!

The truck looked killer next to our caravan and drew plenty of comments!