We feel it is vital to give a massive thank you to a bunch of legends who have helped United Speed Shop (and continue to), so we'd like to give you guys a peek behind the scenes at some of these guys and publicly acknowledge their contribution to United. If they hadn't been there for us, we might not be here now!

Since the very beginning Pete and his team at Mallaby Sheet Metal has been on-board with United Speed Shop, providing us amazing water-cut metal templates. The super-high-quality pieces come from his facility at Mount Thorley in the NSW Hunter Valley, where he provides the same services to all manner of clients, from small shops to massive mines and heavy industry.

Pete is a die-hard early Holden fan, with a collection of pre-’68 iron lions in his stable, including a wild FC sedan he’s building that sits on the ground thanks to custom air suspension and a very angry twin-turbo Nissan RB26 straight-six from a GT-R Skyline.

He also produces a range of parts for early Holdens that we will feature in our shop soon, from licence plate surrounds to all manner of impossible-to-find widgets and doohinkeys.