When United Speed Shop was set-up one of the most important attributes was that it would be more than cars and spare parts. We wanted to feature all the stuff that surrounds it as well, including merchandise and media, which is why we’re stoked to be stocking FUEL Magazine.

FUEL and sister publication TANK MOTOR are home-grown Aussie motoring magazines based out of Melbourne, but they focus on so much more than just the motorised objects. Luke Ray and his team concentrate on showing primarily local content with a bit of overseas shenanigans thrown in for good measure.

In FUEL you’ll find a diverse range of car culture, from traditional V8 hot rods, custom cars and muscle cars, through a sprinkling of cool European or Japanese cars and even motorcycles. TANK is all about the motorcycles, from stock stuff to the wildest custom and race bikes, as well as artists, events and lifestyle features.

What makes these mags really cool is their focus on quality. The thick pages feel like a coffee table book, backed up by the killer photography and design.

They’re published three times per year and are a must-have for people into cars and culture.