Oxytech Anti-Ox de-rust surface prep

  • Oxytech Anti-Ox de-rust surface prep

Anti-Ox is a surface preparation wipe designed to kill surface rust and chemical contaminants before any work is to commence, from welding to priming or painting. It eliminates minor pitting and scale on bare metal surfaces, and can be used on top of primers, even removing oils left behind from hand prints or contact with skin.

Wipe on generously with a clean cloth, then buff off with a separate clean cloth to ensure no cross-contamination. You can see the difference Anti-Ox makes on bare steel here on our shop truck's chassis (which had sat outside in primer only for over 20 years!).

  • Removes all chemical contaminants on the surface
  • Wipe on, wipe off
  • Use with gloves to avoid oil from your hands contaminating surface
  • Leaves surface ready for paint or primer
PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to ship Oxytech products interstate or overseas as they are classified Dangerous Goods. If you are outside the local Newcastle / Hunter region please contact Oxytech for a distributor near you.

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