KBS WorkGear Black Nitrile Gloves

  • KBS WorkGear Black Nitrile Gloves

KBS WorkGear Black Nitrile disposable gloves are a premium brand of high quality, durable protective disposable gloves specifically designed for use across mechanical, painting, plumbing, machining and beauty trade services.


  • Low Sweat Technology to match healthy skin’s natural pH levels
  • Stronger – Thicker – Higher Chemical Resistance
  • Latex Free – Vinyl Free – MBT Free
  • 100% nitrile (acrylon nitrile, butadiene)
  • Textured palm and fingers for easy grip
  • Excellent barrier protection from:
  • Oils – Fuels – Solvents – Cleaners – Chemicals – Transmission fluid
  • High puncture resistance – 3 times stronger than latex disposable gloves
  • Flash chlorinated and quadruple rinsed in both hot and cold water to remove all curing chemicals
  • Tape and labels do not stick to or tear gloves
  • Unsurpassed comfort for extended wear


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