USS Cafe

There are some things in life that go so well together they're intrinsically linked: ham and cheese, rock music and beer, and the beach with fish and chips. Coffee and cars are another perfect match, so we've launched United Speed Cafe to combine both these rad subjects!

Natalia and Ryan will be serving coffee, milkshakes and delicious Brazilian cheese bread from 7:30am-11:00am weekdays, and from 8:00am 'til noon on Saturdays. And good news about that amazing cheese bread - it's actually gluten-free!

Entry is via Shelley Street, Georgetown, and parking is available behind the shop. Come say g'day to Ryan and Natalia, grab a cup of Joe and check out what we've got in the showroom and the workshop. We have T-shirts, paint and rust sealants from KBS Coatings, Oxytech's Anti-Ox and EasyPhos surface sealants, and the sound and thermal products from Car Builders.